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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

  • Soft sole shoes

  • Warm clothes, dress in layers, 

  • Rain gear just in case

  • Hat, Sunglasses, Camera

  • Motion pills if you are prone to seasickness

  • Valid Ohio fishing license, (can be purchased at the marina)

  • Lunch and beverage, one cooler for your lunch. I provide a cooler on board to keep fish until we get back to shore bring a 2nd cooler to take fish home but leave it in the car 

  • Rod and reels are provided but feel free to bring your own if you prefer but please not large tackle boxes, 

  • It's ok to bring beer but please no glass containers or hard liquor

What fishing methods do you use?
It depends on the bite, we can drift and cast or troll, different days require different tactics, if you have a preference we will happily oblige.

Why do you change docks?
The reefs off Oak Harbor are well known for spawning walleye Early season. By the end of April the fish are on the move, making May and the Islands area the hot spot, by June many of the walleye are heading for the deeper water and are drawn to the sandbar off Vermilion.

Why do you dock at Marblehead?
Marblehead is a great central location, easy access to the islands, or west in the spring and east in the fall.

How many passengers can the boat handle? 
Like most charter captains my boat is licensed for up to 6 passengers. I usually average 4-5 passengers per trip.

Do you have a list of area lodging?
The best lists are at:
And for the Vermilion area:

What hotel/motels do you recommend? 
Tibbels Marina has a few motel rooms available, basic and reasonably priced but fill up fast. Tibbels also has pads with hookups for motor homes available. For full list visit

When is the best time to fish?
I truly believe the best time to fish is anytime you get a chance to go. I fish from April to November, my personal favorites are spring and fall, the lake is not as crowded and obviously colder. Call me and let me know your preferences and I’ll help you choose a date. 

Am I expected to pay for lost or damaged fishing equipment?
Our insurance does not cover lost or damaged items, so depending on the cost of the item, you may be required to replace it.


Still Have Questions?

Contact the Captain at 330-414-7125 or

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