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Special Offers

Occasionally, a booked charter will cancel at the last minute, forfeiting the deposit. When this happens, I will offer the charter on a last minute basis less the deposit that held the date. 

This means you save $100 off the price of a fishing trip and I salvage a lost day of work.

If you have a flexible schedule, sign up to be notified of these special offers. I will notify you by email ASAP. There's no obligation, and booking will be on a first response basis.

To join the other savers, click the sign up button and add the word e-saver in the subject line, then add your name and email address to the body of the message. Click send, and we'll add you to our e-savers list.

To ensure you don't miss out on a great low cost fishing opportunity, you may want to add your fishing buddy's email address as well.

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